Nico Uriarte

Nicolas Uriarte


  • 1,92m
  • 90kg
Position Setter
Birth Place Buenos Aires, Argentina
Birth Date 21/03/1990
Clubs Narbonne da França (2020 – 2022), Bolívar da Argentina (2019/20), Funvic Taubaté (2018/19), Sada Cruzeiro (2017/18), Skra Belchatow da Polônia (2013 – 2017), Buenos Aires Unidos (Argentina), Boca Juniors (Argentina), Roma Volley (Itália), Zinella Volley Bologna (Itália) e Mendoza Volley (Argentina).

In 2022/23 Nico Uriarte arrived at Sada Cruzeiro for his second time at the club.

In the 2022/23 season he was champion of Mineiro, Supercopa, bronze medal in the Club World Championship, and also champion of the Copa Brasil, South American and Superliga.

At the beginning of 2023/24, he became three-time Mineiro’s Champion (2023/24) with Sada Cruzeiro.

In 2017/18, playing for Sada Cruzeiro, Uriarte was champion of Mineiro, Supercopa, Copa Brasil, South American and Superliga, in addition to bronze medal in the Club World Championship in Poland.

In 2018/19 he played for Taubaté, where he was Superliga champion. Then he was at Argentine Bolívar, and played for Narbonne, in France, where he won the CEV Challenge Cup. In addition Nico was also named the best player in the final.

Having spent time in Italy, the player also played a long time in Poland. From 2013 to 2017 Uriarte played for Skra Belchatow, where he was national champion in 2014.

For the Argentine national team he was Pan-American champion in 2015, and gold medal in the South American Youth Championship in 2008, in the victory over Brazil, being chosen as the best athlete of the tournament.