Welinton Oppenkoski


  • 1,98
  • 88
Position Opposite
Birth Place Bento Gonçalves-RS
Birth Date 28/03/2000

Oppenkoski plays his fifth season as a professional player for Sada Cruzeiro.

In 2022/23 the athlete had a great season and was champion of the Mineiro, Supercopa, bronze in the Club World Championship, and also champion of the Copa Brasil, South America and Superliga.

At the beginning of 2023/24, he became four-time Mineiro’s Champion with Sada Cruzeiro.

In 2021/22 he won five titles with the club: Mineiro, Supercopa, the Club World Championship, the South American Championship and Superliga.

An athlete revealed by the Sada Cruzeiro’s youth categories, Oppenkoski was part of the 2019/20 squad as third opposite and played in some moments. In the following season, at the age of 20, he gained more space at the second athlete in the position, in 2020/21. In this edition, he won the 2020 Mineiro Championship and the 2021 Copa Brasil.