Cledenilson Souza Batista


  • 2,10 m
  • 112 kg
Position Middle Blocker
Birth Place Santo Antônio de Jesus-BA
Birth Date 09/06/1998
Clubs Minas Tênis Clube

Cledenilson plays at Sada Cruzeiro for the fifth consecutive season in 2023/24.

At the beginning of 2023/24, he became five-time Mineiro’s Champion with Sada Cruzeiro.

In 2022/23 he was champion of Mineiro, Supercopa, bronze in the Club World Championship, and also champion of the Copa Brasil, South American and Superliga.

In 2021/22 the player won five titles with Raposa:  Mineiro, the Supercopa, the Club World Championship, the South American Championship and the Superliga.

He joined in 2019/20 and was champion of 2021 Club World Champs and champion of the 2021 Supercopa. He was also South American champion in 2020 and two-times champion of Copa Brasil (2020 and 2021), as well as three-times champion of Campeonato Mineiro (2019, 2020 and 2021) and silver in the 2019 Club World Championship.

Revealed in the youth teams of Minas Tênis Clube, the player was also in the youth teams of Brazil, and, in 2019, with the national main team, he won a bronze medal at the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru. In 2021, he was South American champion with the main Brazilian team in Brasília.