Sada Cruzeiro fights a lot, but is medal silver in the Club World Championship

08/12/2019 at 18:20

In the big final of the Club World Championship, Sada Cruzeiro faced Lube Civitanova on Sunday, 8th, in Betim, with a score of 3 to 1 to the European champion in the Ginásio Divino Braga (25/23, 19/25, 31/29 and 25/21). Despite the defeat, cruzeirenses left strengthened for the remainder of the season. With a heavily revamped squad, Sada Cruzeiro faced major opponents and took the silver trophy.

Sada Cruzeiro had a great Club World Championship –  Photos: Agênciai7

Facundo Conte, one of the pointers in the World Championship dream team, was the highest scorer of the final, with 21 hits. For Civitanova, Leal and Juantorena scored 20 each. And Evandro, was voted the best opposite, scored 12 times.

“We had a good game. Yes, I’m sad, but I don’t leave here with my head down. I’m sad because I know we could have won. It was not impossible. And I’m happy for everyone’s dedication, for the championship we had and for what we presented”, said Evandro.

Great in the blue team defense, Libero Lukinha spoke of silver medal. “I get a little sad about the defeat, of course, because every player always wants to win. Nevertheless, this World Championship was great for us. We left the tournament on a very high level to achieve much more in the rest of the season. I also want to thank the fans, that were fantastic. The energy that comes from the stands is very strong. It was the first time I went through this and it was fantastic”, said Lukinha.

Another prominent player in the competition was setter Fernando Cachopa, who ended up as the best in the statistics. “In the World Championship we had to play very high level, and we showed that we have the ability to play at that level. This week we have grown a lot as a team and I think we are on the right track, forming a good group and all aiming the same goal. If we keep up this determination and hard work, I’m sure we can achieve a lot in this season”, said Cachopa.

Sada Cruzeiro – Fernando Cachopa, Evandro, Perrin, Facundo Conte, Isac, Otávio e o líbero Lukinha. Entraram Luan, Rodriguinho Leme, Filipe and Cledenilson. Coach – Marcelo Mendez

Lube Civitanova – Bruninho, Rychlicki, Leal, Juantorena, Simon, Bieniek e o líbero Balaso. Entraram Kovar, D’Hulst, Anzani and Ghafour. Coach– Ferdinando De Giorgi

Men’s Club World Championship – Betim – Brazil 


Champion – Lube Civitanova

Vice-champion – Sada Cruzeiro

Third place – Zenit Kazan

Fourth place – Al-Rayyan



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