Sada Cruzeiro beats Al-Rayyan 3-0 before semifinal against Russians

05/12/2019 at 21:04

Time azul não encontrou dificuldades para bater a equipe do Catar nesta quinta-feira – Fotos: Agênciai7

In the last Club World Championship qualifying round, Sada Cruzeiro faced Qatar’s Al-Rayyan and won 3-0 sets on Thursday, 12th, with 25/20, 25/16 and 25/17, at Ginásio Divino Braga Gymnasium in Betim. With the victory, Sada Cruzeiro ends the qualifying phase in the second position, with six points. The blue team will face Russian Zenit Kazan in the semifinal, in the third position with five points. Lube Civitanova, leader with seven points, faces Al-Rayyan, that did not score.

Marcelo Mendez, coach, started in full force in the first set against Al-Rayyan, but then the coach put several athletes from the bench into action.

Since we have been having a busy week, it was important to give the whole group a around and have some of the players get some rest, which Marcelo did.We had a big game on Saturday against Kazan. We beat them, but now it’s another tournament. It’s a difficult game and we will fight a lot for a spot in the final”, said opposite Luan.

Cruzeirense Otávio and Brazilian Marcus Vinícius of Al-Rayyan were the highest scorers of the match, with 12 points each.

Clubs are resting on Friday. They will return to court on Saturday, the 7th, for the decisive matches. “Our team is growing, in a time of recasting and we are pleased with everyone’s willingness. We are going with everything for this final phase, which will be very difficult”, said coach Marcelo Mendez.

Sada Cruzeiro – Fernando Cachopa, Evandro, Perrin, Facundo Conte, Isac, Otávio and libero Lukinha. Entraram Luan, Rodriguinho Leme, Cledenilson, Filipe, Oppenkoski, Lukinha and Hugo. Coach – Marcelo Mendez

Al Rayyan – Ouda, Abunabot, Marco, Marcus Vinicius, Faye, Stevanovic and libero Ouertani.  Entraram, Aziz, Noaman and Birama. Coach – Carlos Schwanke


Men’s Club World Championship – Betim – Brazil 



Saturday, 07/12

14h – Sada Cruzeiro x Zenit Kazan

17h – Lube Civitanova x Al-Rayyan



Sunday, 08/12

9h30 – Final 3 – 4

12h30 – Final 1 – 2


Preliminary Round


Tuesday, 03/12

Lube Civitanova 3 x 0 Al-Rayyan

Sada Cruzeiro 3 x 0 Zenit Kazan


Wednesday, 04/12

Zenit Kazan 3 x 1 Al-Rayyan

Sada Cruzeiro 0 x 3 Lube Civitanova


Thursday, 05/12

Lube Civitanova 2 x 3 Zenit Kazan

Sada Cruzeiro 3 x 0 Al-Rayyan


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