With Beto Martelete, Sada Cruzeiro prepares for the first game in the Mineiro

02/09/2019 at 19:07

While coach Marcelo Mendez directs the Argentina National Team in its various tournaments, Sada Cruzeiro’s work in Belo Horizonte goes on under the watchful eyes of Beto Martelete who will lead the group until October. The blue team first official match the season will be the duel with Lavras Vôlei on September 12th for Campeonato Mineiro in the Unifemm gym in Sete Lagoas.

Nine times consecutive champion of the Mineiro (regional championship), in addition to the first title won in 2008, Sada Cruzeiro wants to fight for the trophy once again. The competition also means a lot to the group as it is an important step to start the 2019/20 season well.

“Marcelo has been following everything. We have been training hard and we will make the final adjustments but the team is ready to play. The whole team is very motivated to start the season well in the Mineiro games”, said Beto, highlighting the motivation of the entire cast.

Beto Martelete will be in charge of the team until October – Photo: Agênciai7

“All the players are very excited to do a good job. Libero Lukinha, who has just joined us, is very determined and eager to play. Setter Rodriguinho, for me, is a great surprise because he is a guy who helps the training all the time, as he asks questions and always wants to do more. Differently from the past few years, Evandro played the entire pre-season with the team, thus making a solid basis and now he wants to have a great season. Luan is also doing very well and Otavio, who underwent a surgery last year, is improving physically and technically. Filipe is a guy who leads positively, therefore the whole team is united and everyone wants to start the work well because our goals are always high”, said Beto.

Besides the absence of coach Marcelo Mendez in this beginning of Mineiro, Sada Cruzeiro will not have the middle blockers Isac and Cledenilson nor the setter Fernando Cachopa. On the other hand, the outside hitters Facundo Conte and Gord Perrin, both hired this season, will be in Belo Horizonte in the first half of September.


Sada Cruzeiro’s Schedule – Campeonato Mineiro 2019

September, 12th – 20:00 PM – Sada Cruzeiro x Lavras Vôlei (Sete Lagoas)

September, 14th – 20:00 PM – Sada Cruzeiro x América Vôlei (Montes Claros)

September, 24th – 20:00 PM – Uberlândia/Gabarito/Start Química x Sada Cruzeiro (Uberlândia)

September, 25th – 20:00 PM – Sada Cruzeiro x Uberlândia/Gabarito/Start Química (Uberlândia)

October, 3rd – 19:30 PM – Fiat/Minas x Sada Cruzeiro

October, 4th – 19:30 PM – Sada Cruzeiro x Anápolis

October, 9th – 20:00 PM – Anápolis x Sada Cruzeiro (Anápolis-GO)

October, 22th – 20:00 PM – Lavras Vôlei x Sada Cruzeiro (Contagem)

October, 25th – 20:00 PM – América Vôlei x Sada Cruzeiro (Contagem)

October, 29th – 20:00 PM – Sada Cruzeiro x Fiat/Minas (Betim)

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