Sada Cruzeiro fights hard, but it’s surpassed by Taubaté and ends its participation in the Superliga

14/04/2019 at 1:31

In Contagem, at a completely packed gymnasium and with great support from the fans, Sada Cruzeiro fought bravely, but lost to EMS Taubaté Funvic on Saturday April 13th by 3 sets to 2. With this result, the opposition qualified for the Superliga 2018/19Finals. The partial results of the duel were 21/25, 36/34, 25/19, 19/25 and 15/12. The opposite Evandro was the highest scorer with 22 points.

The semifinal matches were closely fought, but the opposition managed to impose their pace and won the three first matches. Taubaté won 3-1 in Contagem, then 3-2 in their gymnasium in São Paulo, and also the third match at Riachão, in the tie-break, putting an end to the semifinals.

Since the 2010/11 season, Sada Cruzeiro has been in the last eight decisions of the Superliga and wonthe national titlesix times, a mark only the blue team has got. Second in the ranking is Cimed, from Florianópolis, with four trophies.

“Our team played well, and did their best. We are not happy with the result, but we are okay with it because we did everything we could on the court. Now we have to start over and get ready for the next season. We must not forget the positive things. It was a tough season, with a lot of growth”, said coach Marcelo Mendez.

In 2018/19 Sada Cruzeiro underwent major changes, with the replacement of athletes during the competition. However, the cruzeirenses faced the challenges and conquered three titles: Mineiro Championship, Brazil Cup and South American Championship.

Sada Cruzeiro – Fernando Cachopa, Evandro, Sander, Rodriguinho, Le Roux, Isac and Serginho. Entered Sandro, Luan, Filipe and Lucas Bauer. Coach – Marcelo Mendez

EMS Taubaté Funvic – Rapha, Vissoto, Lucarelli, Conte, Lucão, Otávio and Thales. Entraram Nico Uriarte, Douglas Souza, Fabiano, Abouba and Robinho. Coach – Renan Dal Zotto

Cruzeirenses conquered three titles in 2018/19: Mineiro, Copa Brasil and South American Championship – Photo: Agênciai7

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