Sada Cruzeiro athletes dominate South American dream team

02/03/2019 at 23:20

Sander was the MVP, Isac best middle blocker and Rodriguinho chosen as best outside hitter – Photo: Agência i7/Sada Cruzeiro

The sixth South American title won by Sada Cruzeiro on Saturday night, March 2nd, ended with a special celebration with the fans who attended Arena Minas. In addition to the victory over the Argentinean UPCN by 3 to 1 and the sixth trophy raised, the cruzeirenses also dominated the selection of the championship that counted with three representatives of the Fox.

Rodriguinho was elected the best outside hitter, Isac the highlight among the middle blockers and the American Taylor Sander was considered the MVP, the best athlete in the tournament.

Rodriguinho spoke about the responsibility and the joy of having performed well during the competition. “I did not expect to receive this award. I came from a not so good sequence at the beginning of the year, feeling pain and some other things that only we know. But I kept working hard and waiting for the right moment. This award represents a lot to me. It’s two totally different things being in and out of the court: the responsibility is different, the pressure, the demand is different. Having won that title and being able to participate effectively in all of it… it’s outstanding!”, said the player.

Taylor Sander, American who joined Sada Cruzeiro this season, remembered teamwork and highlighted the great campaign built by the team, that needed to reverse a 2-0 score in the semifinal.

“So many people played well, I just tried to do my best. We were not always excellent, but we could have given up on that semifinal and did not do it, we showed our ability and we came to this decision. And today we just had fun on the court! Our team played very well. It’s great to win the MVP award, but we all played so well in the decision and that’s what counts the most”, he declared.

South American Club 2019 Team

Outside Hitter: Rodriguinho (Sada Cruzeiro)

Outside Hitter: Melgarejo (Obras de San Juan)

Middle Blocker: Flávio (Fiat Minas)

Middle Blocker: Isac (Sada Cruzeiro)

Libero: Salvo (UPCN)

Setter: Cavanna (UPCN)

Opposite: Herrera (Obras de San Juan)

MVP – Best Player: Taylor Sander (Sada Cruzeiro)

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