With six titles, Sada Cruzeiro is the greatest champion of all time in South America

02/03/2019 at 23:25

Blue team celebrated the title at Arena Minas, in Belo Horizonte – Photos: Agênciai7/Sada Cruzeiro

In recent years, Sada Cruzeiro has been accumulating achievements and has already left a mark in the history of volleyball. In addition to being a three-time World champion and a six-time Superliga champion, now the blue team is also a six-time South American Club champion, after the victory on Saturday, March 2nd, over the Argentinian UPCN for 3 sets to 1. In the duel played at Arena Minas, in Belo Horizonte, a historic record was beaten: the cruzeirenses are now the greatest champions of all time in South America.

After reaching six continental titles with four consecutive ones in the 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 editions, Sada Cruzeiro surpassed Banespa and Paulistano, each club with five titles won in the 1970s and early 1990s. To have an idea of the accomplishment achieved by the Fox cast, traditional clubs in Brazil that have already been champions of the Superliga are far from this South American ranking. Minas Tênis Clube has two titles, Sesi-SP has one and the extinct Cimed, also one.

“When we started this project we did not know what this team would accomplish. Our goal has always been to improve, grow and do our best, make the most out of our potential. We do not like to lose. I am proud to know that Sada Cruzeiro represents Brazil so well, with a winning project in and out of the court. The challenges are getting bigger, but we remain strong”, said team president Vittorio Medioli.

Isac was the best middle blocker of the tournament

With the South American title Sada Cruzeiro also won the right to represent South America in the 2019 Club World Championship.

“We achieved this big mark in South America. It was a great championship. We played good games, with a lot of patience. It is always difficult to play against Argentinian teams. We were able to reverse two scorecards in games that many teams would have given up, but our team knew how to handle it. And that’s the spirit of a champion. From the first to the last point: fighting and always believing. And today, in a final, we get focused. In our city, with such a crowd, we left the court with a feeling of accomplishment! “, Concluded Isac.

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