Sada Cruzeiro starts training again and now completely focused on the Superliga

06/12/2018 at 14:58

After playing the Club World Championship in Poland, Sada Cruzeiro is back to Brazil and will now focus all their attention on the national championship. The blue team resumed training on Tuesday morning, Dec 4th, and already has an important commitment this week. This Saturday, the 8th, the team faces Fiat Minas at 8:30 pm at the Arena Minas in Belo Horizonte for the eighth round of the 2018/19 Cimed Superliga. The match will be broadcasted live by SporTV 2.

And until the end of December, the group led by Marcelo Mendez will still have a full schedule with four other matches before the holiday break in the tournament.

The captain Filipe spoke about the World Championship and highlighted the group’s motivation to return to the Superliga. “We wish we had made it to the finales but I think our team went well in the Club World Championship, we represented Brazil well and it was a good opportunity (to give experience) for all the players to become more experienced. It was a tiring trip back from Poland but now our team is back to the Superliga, a very important tournament for us and we have many games to play here. Everyone is very excited and aware of what we need to do”, said Filipe.

The blue team already has an important commitment this week: this Saturday faces Fiat Minas at 8:30 pm at the Arena Minas


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