Sada Cruzeiro is outclassed by Trentino Volley and leaves the Club World Championship

29/11/2018 at 14:53

Brazilian team and Trentino Volley had a big battle at Podpromie Hall this Wednesday – Photos: FIVB

Sada Cruzeiro and Trentino Volley had a big battle at Podpromie Hall this Wednesday afternoon, the 28th, and the Italians were better with a 3-1 and 17/25, 28/26, 25/23 and 27/25. The fight between the four and the three-time World Champions was really tough. Because of the previous results of the round the blue team does not have chances of classification for the semifinals of the Club World Championship in Poland.

In the fairly balanced game, the Brazilian team struggled a lot, had a good performance and an efficient blocking. There were 14 points scored by the block against four from Trentino. The opposite Evandro was the highest scorer of the match with 25 points. For the Italian team, the outside-hitter Russel was the highlight with 24.

The outside-hitter and captain Filipe felt sorry for the result. “I think the team behaved very well and we leave feeling that we could have gone further. We could have won the first game against the Poles and today we started very well against Trentino. So this feeling is very bad. By one or two points we could be fighting in a semifinal again. Our team has had changes this season and it takes a bit of time to adjust everything. But the team fought and played excellent matches against European clubs. And this is a World Championship. One example is the Russian Zenit Kazan that is also out of the championship. Our team did well, we represented both the club and Brazil well, we have been playing the World Cup for seven years in a row and no one else has done that. This team`s history is amazing and we are among the best in the world” said the captain Filipe.

Sada Cruzeiro started the match very well and closed the first half easily. In the second set, with a strong block, Sada Cruzeiro opened the score and made it 21-17 but the Italians reacted in the final stretch and tied the score. The third and fourth sets were fairly even decided by the Europeans with the smallest difference possible.

Rodriguinho also highlighted the good performance of the group

The outside-hitter Rodriguinho also highlighted the good performance of the group. “It really feels like we could have done more in the championship. We lost the two games because of details. In spite of everything, I think we have to emphasize what we did well here. We fought a lot in both matches and I think we leave here stronger for the rest of the season” said Rodriguinho.

Sada Cruzeiro still plays this Thursday, the 29th, for the third round against the Iranian Khatam Ardakan at 5:30pm. The two classified in group B are Trentino Volley and the Polish Asseco Resovia.
In key A, the reigning world champion Zenit Kazan and the Polish Skra Belchatow are eliminated and the Italian Lube Civitanova and the other Russian Fakieł Nowy Urengoj will go further.

Sada Cruzeiro – Cachopa, Evandro, Sander, Rodriguinho, Le Roux, Isac e o líbero Serginho. Entraram Filipe, Sandro, Luan, Leozinho e Éder Levi. Técnico – Marcelo Mendez

Trentino Volley – Gianneli, Vettori, Russel, Kovacevic, Candellaro, Lisinac e o líbero Grebennikov. Entraram Van Garderen, De Angelis, Nelli e Codarin. Técnico – Angelo Lorenzetti.

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