Lucas Lóh

Lucas Eduardo Lóh


  • 1,96
  • 84
Position Outside Hitter
Birth Place Toledo-PR
Birth Date 18/01/1991
Clubs São Bernardo, Sada Cruzeiro, Minas Tênis Clube, Zaksa (Polônia), Vôlei Brasil Kirin, Funvic Taubaté, Halkbank (Turquia), Sesi-SP, Czarni Radom (Polônia), Tours Volley (França)

The experienced outside hitter Lucas Lóh returns to Sada Cruzeiro in the 2021/22 season, and has already accumulated three important titles: champion of Club World Champs 2021, Supercopa 2021 and three times Mineiro 2021.

He defended Sada Cruzeiro from 2010 to 2012, being part of the youth categories and reaching the main squad. He won five titles in the period: twice champion of Mineiro and Irvine Tournament (USA), in addition to the 2011/12 Superliga trophy.

After that, he played in the main Brazilian clubs, such as Minas, Sesi, Vôlei Brasil Kirin and Taubaté, and he has passages through Poland, Turkey and France.