Lucas Bauer

Lucas Kehl Bauer


  • 1,92
  • 80
Position Libero
Birth Place Nova Petrópolis-RS
Birth Date 20/10/1999
Clubs Sada Cruzeiro e América Vôlei

At 22 years old, Bauer remains as the second libero of Sada Cruzeiro in 2021/22. In this season, the player accumulates important titles, such as the Club World Champs (2021), Supercopa (2021) and three-times Mineiro champion (2021).

Bauer joined Sada Cruzeiro in 2016 for the youth’s team. During this period, he played in América Vôlei (2019/20) and now will have his third opportunity in the Raposa professional team. He was in the squad in 2018/19 and 2020/21, when he won the titles: Two-times Mineiro Champion (2018 and 2020), Two-times Copa Brasil Champion (2021 and 2019), South American Champion 2019, Superliga Bronze 2018/19 and runner-up of Troféu Super Vôlei and Supercopa (2020).