Sada Cruzeiro beats Maringá and heads for the Superliga semifinals

29/03/2019 at 0:10


The biggest scorer was central Isac, with 14 points and an incredible 85% of efficiency in attack – Photos: João Paulo Santos/Resenha Comunicação.

Sada Cruzeiro has guaranteed their spot in the semifinals of the Superliga Cimed 2018/19, for the 11th season in a row. The blue team qualified on Thursday night, 28th, after beating Copel Telecom Maringá for 3 sets to 0, in the second match of the quarterfinals, after having overcome the opponent in Contagem for 3 to 2. In the duel at Chico Neto gymnasium, in Maringá-PR, the Raposa had a great performance and scored 25/19, 25/21 and 25/17.

In the semifinals, Sada Cruzeiro will fight against EMS Taubaté Funvic, that eliminated Vôlei Renata, from Campinas.

With 13 points scored in the south of Brazil, the American outside hitter Sander took the VivaVôlei trophy for Best Player of the Game. And the biggest scorer was central Isac, who scored 14 points, with an incredible 85% of efficiency in attack.

“It was a great match for our team. We expected a difficult game but we always brace ourselves to do the best. In their own home, they could have risked a little more, but today we have to highlight the merit of our team, that knew how to play well, and the whole team is to be congratulated. Now we have to rest a little, but we’re already focused on the semifinals”, declared Isac.

Since the 2008/09 edition, Sada Cruzeiro has participated in all semifinals of the Superliga. It has been 11 seasons in a row and the last 10 with coach Marcelo Mendez ahead of the team. He highly praised the team for qualifying.

“We worked very well today in the serve, as well as in the block and we had a good start. The side out worked too and we’re qualified for another semifinal. The athletes are all to be congratulated, we are very satisfied and now it’s all about working the best possible way to also take a spot in the decision”, celebrated the coach.

American Sander was elected the best player in court

The Cruzeirenses were extremely focused as they entered the game, forcing the serve and working well on the defense at the beginning, while Maringá made many mistakes. The American outside hitter Sander closed the set in the attack, in 25 to 19. In the final stretch of the second set, Fernando Cachopa’s serve unsettled the opponent’s pass and Isac scored two points in a row, the first in a check ball, and just after another with a blocking, for Sada Cruzeiro to close with 25 to 21. In the last set, the blue team kept the great phase and finished easily with 25 to 17, also with middle blocker Isac.

Sada Cruzeiro – Fernando Cachopa, Evandro, Sander, Rodriguinho, Le Roux, Isac and Serginho. Sandro and Luan entered. Coach – Marcelo Mendez

Copel Telecom Maringá – Rodrigo, Lucas Borges, Hugo, Daniel, Romulo, Deivid and Mario Junior. Vinicius, Lersch, Daniel Rossi, Johan, Leandrão and Silvio entered. Coach – Alessandro Fadul

Quarterfinals – Superliga Cimed 2018/19

Round 1

Sunday, March, 24th, Sada Cruzeiro 3 x 2 Copel Telecom Maringá – Contagem-MG

Round 2

Thursday, March, 28th, Copel Telecom Maringá 0 x 3 Sada Cruzeiro – Maringá-PR


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